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The author should comply with following terms & Conditions for publication at law circa:

  1. The manuscript should contain your unique content which is not published anywhere else.
  2. Content should not be vague and ambiguous.
  3.  It should be grammatically correct and there should be no spelling errors and jargons.
  4. The manuscript should contain credible sources and data. It should be accurate and timely.
  5.  All the relevant hyperlinks should be covered in the article itself.
  6. Co- authorship is allowed.
  7. Articles need to be well structured and the author should avoid repetition.
  8. As per the law circa’s policy, 15% plagiarism is allowed. Any piece containing more than 15% plagiarism will not be accepted at any cause.
  9.  Author of the piece will be solely responsible for any legal actions against his ideas and writing. By submitting work on lawcirca, there will be implied consent from the author that he/she will be solely responsible for any legal cause or action.
  10. We team law circa reserves the right to remove your Article at any time if owners of law circa thinks that there is an adverse public opinion or any hate speech or which affects beliefs and feelings of particular religion or race or community.  Audi Alteram Partem (reasonable opportunity to hear the author) will be given to the author. It means fair hearing will be provided to the author before removing the manuscript.
  11. After Publication of the manuscript, law circa will reserve copyright and any other right of the piece and it also does not give a right to the author to republish it until and unless he/she has given due credit to the lawcirca  that it has been earlier published at www.lawcirca.com
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  13. After submission of the post, experts and professionals from law circa team will review your work. If any changes are required, we will notify you via email.
  14. As per law circa’s policy, necessary feedback will be provided to him.
  15. After making changes and proofreading your work, your piece will be uploaded on our blog.

**Owners of law circa at any time or moment has absolute discretion and right to change or amend any of the above rules & guidelines.