Core Team

Karan Arora

Karan Arora

Founder Publisher

Mr. Karan is an Entrepreneur, a Legal enthusiast & a Yogi. He has been working with The Art of Living since the age of 13 organising various events and programs. Arbitration, mediation and media laws remain his subjects of interest. He is a food connoisseur and loves to cook and explore food around the world. He started project Law Circa with a vision to create an open source free Legal resource for legal professionals, researchers and law students


Abhinav Shukla


Mr. Abhinav is a 4th year student at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA pursuing B.B.A LL.B degree. He displays fantastic team work and leadership qualities. Abhinav is glue to Lawcirca holding each of its departments in place and coordinating among them. He holds good professional experience through internships in various disciplines of law and loves to enhance his knowledge through exploration


Hardik Verma

Social Media Manager

Mr. Hardik is a keen enthusiast of law and literature. He is a technology and software afficianado and is making his career in technology Laws. He is an avid resercher and Aviation laws, cyber laws and intellectual property rights Interests him the most. He’s well-versed with video editing, graphic designing, Photography and loves to play guitar.


Luca Antony


Mr. Luca Antony is a law student in the penultimate year with a focus on practical understanding. He started working in the corporate sector as an interpreter at the age of 15 while simultaneously working with his father, a practising advocate. After joining the law school, he undertook the usual course, participated in moots and won some, moderately focused on academics, and completed diverse internships. Fast forward to today, he is focused on collaborations with Italian law firms such as the one he interned with in Shanghai, and his upcoming long-term relation with a Milan based law firm. All the while, he has kept aside sufficient time to learn languages, paint, run, and lastly, edit the interesting articles published on Law Circa.

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