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Redefining Law and Policy

What are the Indian government’s policy towards Naxalites

Who are the Naxalites? The term ‘Naxal’ derives its name from the Naxalbari village in West Bengal. Their origin can be traced back to the division of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), which lead to the formation of Communist…

Volenti Non-Fit Injuria

The maxim ‘Volenti non fit injuria means defence of consent. In the law of torts, if any person commits any wrongful act which causes injury to another person, he is held liable and has to pay damages or provide some…

Jurisprudence of the death penalty

Meaning: Jurisprudence Different jurists have assigned different meanings to the word ‘jurisprudence’. To some jurists it means something, to some other, it means something else. The word jurisprudence finds its root in the Latin term ‘ Juris Prudentia’ which means…

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